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Leave Your Boots On

In 2014, Montreal’s favourite cowboy had just released his album, While the Engines Burn, a tender and hearty work of mature ability. We sat down with Li’l Andy to talked touring Canada, paper maps and life on the musical frontier.


Mitz Takahashi epitomizes the can-do spirit of Montreal’s Mile End. Here is a man that escaped Japan’s workaholic clutches to reinvent himself as a designer of fine furniture and guitar stands.

Network News Travels Fast

A journalist like no other, Aphrodite manages to bring the news while also respecting her subjects. Not so common in this age of fake news. But this interview took place in 2014, pre-fake news, pre-trump, and way before we all realized that the truth was dead.

Soft Eyes

Like most of benevolent Montrealers, Beaver moved there to seek fame and love. Suckers! Anyway, Beaver is hard to explain; part musician, part acclaimed chef, part painter, part gate keeper, and all talent—he’s one of those people that make the art life look easy.


If video games are the new art, we wanted Dean Evans, the guy behind the fabulously successful Far Cry series to tell us why. SPOILER: We still don’t know. But Dean Evans brought a lot more to the conversation than video game gossip and special codes, he brought tattoos and a story about crapping himself. Ah, to see him smile.

Last night a DJ saved my show

If you grew up loving rock & roll in Montreal, Terry DiMonte was part of your spiral into satanism. Imagine our surprise when he turned out being a super nice guy who has never bitten the head off a live bat, or even own a single pair of spandex tights. Go figure.

Shaking down the Copps

This is our first big time political guest and Sheila couldn’t have been funnier or more generous. She explains what it was like being a mother with political ambitions and what it took to find balance between the two. She’s got our vote!

Us Kombuchas

When we invited Sean to the show we thought he was the some boring wrester. Lucky for us, he’s actually a gifted novelist. His debut novel, Us Conductors, won the 2014 Giller Prize for Canadian fiction. It’s a story of the creator of the theremin, Russian intrigue, musical beefs, adventure, revolution and best of all, kung fu.

King of Comics

If you like Star Trek (especially TNG), comics, fringe art, punk rock and nice Jewish boys, you’re gonna love this episode. And if you don’t, well… you’re probably sick and should get yourself to a brain doctor, the kind that prescribes leeches.

The Kid Stays in the Picture

In 2014, Tamy was doing a lot of TV. She had her own show which was an extension of the lifestyle and travel brand she had been cultivating since the dawn of social media. Today she scrambles behind the scenes and helps other brands put their best foot forward. Join us as we talk about the Mile End, how she and Dimitrios used to be neighbours and the expensiveness of fine coffee.