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Cigarettes, Superman, phone sex, and how George Lucas castrated an entire generation

Tonight’s guest is a young man whose face is easily recognizable amid the clatter of strobing parties, lost summers, and the little known (but well received) Who is K.K. Downey?, a madcap romp about fame, lies and the true cost of success.

Grabbing Food by the Face

Without Dave McMillan and company’s renowned JOE BEEF, Griffintown would still be a wasteland of pitiless diners, questionable brasseries, and topless breakfast joints where you wouldn’t stop to use the bathroom, let alone buy a luxury condominium across the street. The yuppies (okay, urbanites) living in downtown Montreal’s southwest side should offer a libation every time they pay their mortgage. Oh, and Dave also happens to be one of the best chef’s in Canada. Maybe anywhere.

“They fall, they are torn, they rise, they walk again.”*

Kate Puxley’s art gives way to the crowding back of nature as civilization continues to infringe upon the old geography where animals still had a place within the western scope of life, instead of the packaged pets of urban existence. But it’s also really cool. Join us as Kate talks about her work, sharing life with an Italian and what it takes to bring the dead back to life.

Viva la Democracia!

Not only is Mariano Franco one of the founders of the delicious TACHIDO restaurant on Parc Ave, serving up some of the best sandwiches and tacos in the city, but he’s also a filmmaker and avid collector of weirdness. He brought a sampling of his messy, frenetic, kaleidoscopic monsters for us to take a look at while we discuss grave matters of massive importance.

Conspiracy in the 5th Dimension

Tony Ezzy is the best kind of guest; funny without trying, never bumptious, always sincere, Ezzy is tender within and without! His live music performances have been known to channel the flamboyance of Liberace, or Elton John–but there the resemblance ends. Instead, Tony’s funk powered cosmic rhapsodies are positive drippings of imagination and low-fi know-how that will get you re-incarnated, and good. Visit a while and meet the man behind the double Z’s.

Loose Leaf

If you like loose leaf, you’re gonna love Jimmy Zoubris. His dad practically invented it if by you understand the notion of invention to be primarily composed of stocking and selling stationary supplies on Parc Avenue for over two decades. Loose leaf! Where would we without it? And if you can’t back the innate honesty of a loosely packed trapper-keeper, Zoubris also has notebooks. It’s amazing. You should go.

Heart of Darkness

There are no words to describe tonight’s guest. None at all. We tried! Instead, we hope you’ll simply sit back and enjoy what we consider to be one of our very best episodes with a guest that was nothing but gracious and kind; your man, Stretch.

Meet the Twins

Most definitely our classiest show so far, this week’s episode has Vera Miller and Nadia Rona of ELITE CASTING talking Hollywood. The twins have been casting movies and television since before the form came into fashion. You’ve seen their handiwork on a bunch of shows you love including ER, Being Human and our personal favourite, YTV’s Big Wolf on Campus. Vampires are the best! Let’s watch.

Cinema schminema, just make sure there’s danish.

To start off the second half of the season we thought we’d begin by chatting up talented writer come film director Mark Slutsky about his recent movie, PEEPERS, now available at video stores near you. Not that video stores exist. They don’t. But YouTube does, and Mark thinks it’s terrific. His website,–where pouty posts are celebrated–doesn’t need no stinking late fees, puta. Up next on, Parc Avenue Tonight!

Viewer Discretion is a Myth

As it turns out, the owl is a fake. Fortunately our special guest, a Mr. Morgan Black, is as authentic as it gets, which totally makes up for the bird. You may know his dark outsider artwork, but Morgan is best known for his unique–and often controversial–take on jewellery design. If you don’t have a clue what we’re getting at, then you definitely need to watch tonight’s episode. Fourteen and a half minutes of this, more or less: the time it once took to pop corn. And who, oh who, is being the sentimentalist now?

The Gods Hammered Thunder as the Children Wept

When Lenny Robert started making cigar box guitars under the name Daddy Mojo it was only a lark, a way to get by and pay some bills, Balzac style. Today, Lenny’s hand crafted instruments are played by some of the best guitarists in the world. If you like music, you’ll love this episode. If you aren’t interested in music, you’re wrong, and you should probably go see a doctor.

A Gentleman Above All

When the Rialto Cinema on Parc Avenue was sold the whole neighbourhood was worried something awful like a Lululemon would pop up in its place. Lucky for us, Enzo revived the old haunt, refurbished its former glory, and now we can all watch Blue Velvet again, together. Too bad there are ghosts.

Shake It Like You Mean It

Lady Josephine is one of those women that can destroy you with a stare or lift you up with a sigh. We’re just happy she showed up. Voted MOST BEAUTIFUL, the lady does breathe life unto us.

It doesn’t matter what you eat, it always comes out…

Despite not selling poutine, Nouveaux Palais remains the definitive late night stop for a snack and final drink in Montreal’s grimy (by Ottawa standards) Mile End. Tonight’s guest, Jacques Seguin is one of the people responsible for saving one of the best diners in the neighborhood from bandits like Second Cup, or worse, Diarrhea Depot. Next time you see Jacques crossing Bernard and Parc, thank him for upholding the sacred tradition tradition of fast food in the dark. In the meantime, watch him here, on our show, for free (man I love punctuation). Parc Avenue Tonight!

You’re right. I have no right to push my way into your life.

I know that, I’m not crazy. But listen, Marianne Ackerman is the founder of ROVER magazine, which is dedicated to keeping you informed on the arts in Montreal, and she’s here, right now. So let’s let bygones be bygones, set our differences aside and just agree that tonight’s guest is terrific. If you like books, theatre, or danse, Marianne is someone you’ll want to meet.

Portuguese and Proud

So this is it, the very first interview we ever shot. Ricardo Pereira–animal lover and bird expert–came by the studio/hovel to chime in on the most wonderfully irrelevant matters. In the tradition of great talk show animal moments, Parc Avenue Tonight throws in its own contribution to the sub-genre.